Is Bigfoot Real?

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Is Bigfoot Real?

Within Western Canada or United States many who have wandered through the wilderness have claimed seeing a large wild man covered with hair in the woods. There different descriptions of this wild beast, some reports claim he is about 7 to 8 feet and in other cases from 10 to 12 feet. Their body is covered with long shaggy hair and those reported an encounter say they could smell the animals from a distance before seeing them. Maybe like that of aged uncle Rufus when finished with a bender multiplied by ten. Within the United States this animal is most popularly known as Bigfoot, while the northern neighbors prefer to refer to them as Sasquatch. Wondering why Bigfoot? Picture someone 8 feet tall and consider the imagine size of sleds that would be needed to support him. There is a personal belief that this name is a perfect fit, rather than using another body part to refer to him as.

Those within the scientific field who are highly regarded in majority of the cases laugh at the idea of Bigfoot. He is seen as a mythological creature or a legend of interest without even second guessing the subject. The videos, stories and footprints encounters usually presented are hundreds of years being circulated, so they are seen as hoaxes that bored mountain women and men carry out. Besides they have to find ways to entertain themselves since there are no televisions in the mountains. The hair samples presented are examined then either labeled to be from specie that is unknown, having little meaning or either quickly identified.  And those sounds of bellowing heard in the nights could very well be someone else in the woods that might have dropped a fire wood on their foot; any one might bellow too including you. People of good reputation have bravely faced ridicule after reporting sightings each year. This goes back to Europeans first arrival in the US to explore the New World. Native Americans had a fear for man-like, hairy giant creature wandering in the woods completely nude. You cannot really blame them as average persons like you and I might be frightened too if we saw a creature described like this in our back yard. The debate is seriously centered on the body of Sasquatch. How is it that no fossil or a body found was recorded? A road kill of Bigfoot should have been seen by now. Also Bigfoot advocates suggest that already fossil have been recorded.  Most point to records of Gigantopithecus then claim this animal from Asia came to North America similar other creatures throughout history.

  • Karla

    While it is easy to fake a big foot track in modern day back in the time where some of these Big foot leegnds? truly began it wasn’t so easy. Now misidentification bear tracks as big foot tracks is plausible even amongst the native americans as the track could be warped by environmental causes but for them to misidentify an encounter with a bear for some kind of humanoid creature. I think even the skeptics have to admit that’s quite a stretch.