Bigfoot Sightings

Hacked By XwoLfTn – Tunisian Hacker

An analysis video of a footage containing a bigfoot-like creature walking through the trees.

Bigfoot caught on tape during a property preview at Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado. Is this a real Bigfoot?

A couple has recorded a video of their scary encounter with Bigfoot while driving one night.

A single photo of Bigfoot is featured on this short clip. Believable or not?

Two kids were recording their basketball dunks when they heard something weird and when they went out to check it, they were shocked to see and record Bigfoot!

A suspected baby bigfoot was caught on cam while resting up on a tree. The creature just sit very still and didn’t made any movement.

In this breakdown video, a mysterious black creature is believed to be Bigfoot and not just an ordinary wild animal. Do you agree?

This eerie photograph, which bears a remarkable resemblance to the Hovey photograph, is supposedly from Humboldt County in Northern California.

A personal encounter of a certain Clynn Josephson with Bigfoot in South Eastern Idaho in 1980 was told in this video. Is Josephson account credible?

Kenny Mahoney’s backyard surveillance camera catches a black image that faintly appears as a hairy, ape-like creature.

Has Bigfoot been caught on camera? Hiker captures footage of a mysterious figure briskly climbing the snowy mountains.

A review of a photo which appeared to be a Sasquatch captured on game camera at Greenbrier Sporting Club.

Tourist in North Carolina calls his dog heroic for chasing away what he believes to be bigfoot.

Just one flaw though: There is no detail as to who took the photo and where the photo was taken (to confirm authenticity).