Bigfoot Facts

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Bigfoot Facts

The Bigfoot legend is one that has been around for many years. But, the term legend is not doing the creature any justice.

Bigfoot sometimes referred to as Sasquatch during the 1970’s was regarded as a pop phenomenon cultural and anyone who can recall tuning in on programs such the million dollar man or in search of surely had kinship with this misunderstood creature.

While the 1970’s; however, was the creature’s peak of fame, Sasquatch had been seen long time before Me Generation and still continues to be sighted well into this contemporary generation. Really, there are several lesser known facts known about Bigfoot and they are truly worth looking at:

It was not until 1957 Bigfoot got his name when a story reported by newswire was told of a large humanoid footprint was spotted along a construction site. Molds of Paris Plaster were made of the large footprints and here began the rumors of an ape-like man wandering in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Whilst the story made national news, this legendary creature can be dated back hundreds of years in the folklore of Native America.

Within the early part of the 20th century, two reports in tabloids stated that ape-like men threw rocks at a cabin of a miner in the Ape Canyon tale legend. Additionally, it was reported that a man was kidnapped by the ape creatures then was released after a number of days.

Also in local newspapers of Pacific Northwest in 1945 was a circulated report of a deformed bizarre Grizzly Bear. But, it became real international news in 1957. In 1957 ironically, was a year also of great interest in search of the Tibet’s Abominable Snowman.

Then, a decade later in 1967, explorers Bob Gimlim Roger and Patterson filmed what looked like a female Sasquatch on a creek bed walking in Bluff Creek, CA. This short 16mm film was then a very shocking clip of film of its day. Still this black and white film appeared in 1968 in Argosy Magazine and it captured person’s imaginations like it was current news.

THE MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS was an entire film was aired in 1975, at a drive-in motion theatre and this additionally fueled curiosity in the creature. In the late 1970’s, there were lots of Bigfoot radio, print, magazine, books, and even news reports on television appeared. This led eventually, in the 1980s a burnout of the creature’s appearances media but continued on an extremely smaller scale.

But, is Sasquatch truly a past relic? No, hundreds of Bigfoot spotting has been reported during the past decade.

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    The thing is that the people who put up the board were the cabin onrews who thought it probably was a bear.Although i agree that a motionsensitive cam would be logical to out up now, if they actually belive there is such a creature. Put it up for a year, and they would have a fair chance of catching something, instead of ust a week as they did now.If someone really belives in this it seams there are way better ways to try and find proof than what is being employed right now.