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They are taking a video of several big footprints left in the snowy ground when suddenly they saw Yeti appeared behind the branches of the trees.

Here are perhaps the six of the most believable videos of Bigfoot’s existence.

Is this the real Sasquatch that has been caught on tape?

The date was October 21, 1972. Al Berry recorded these famous Bigfoot vocalizations now known as the “Sierra Sounds”.

There is a mysterious huge creature seen in the video of supposedly elks only running in the forest. Could it really be Bigfoot?

An analyzation of the video taken with a mystery creature has been made and that they are confirming it was indeed Bigfoot which has been caught on cam.

In this video, two  men will be heard giving their opinions/analysis on a photo where a huge black creature suspected to be bigfoot is seen.

A kid was able to get caught bigfoot on cam. An analysis was made at the end of the video and confirmed the authenticity of the creature as a real bigfoot.

In this video, a certain Clynn Josephson told his encounter with bigfoot. Believable or not?

In this thermal footage, which has been filmed by Brown family, a huge bigfoot has been seen on October 30, 2013 in a forest of Grays Harbor, WA.

A local news reported a bigfoot sighting that was caught on tape by a Turner teen after he and his dad heard strange noises.