Recently Added Videos

A Virginia man claims he has encountered Bigfoot. He has caught the strange creature on tape while fishing.

This Bigfoot Sighting was filmed in Tatra Mountain, Southern Poland in 2009.

The video shows a family practicing target shooting and when a gun has been fired, a big creature is seen running in the background.

Could it be Sasquatch seen walking in the forest in Canada last year?

The video is in French language but one doesn’t need to learn French to notice the huge furry creature caught on camera by Himalayan hikers. Could this really be Yeti?

A strange creature in white fur has been caught on cam in a Spanish ski resort. Could it be Yeti/Bigfoot?

A photo shows a huge black creature standing still among the trees. Could this be Bigfoot?

Men are taking videos of themselves when suddenly a large black creature appeared from a tree. Believable? We let you decide.

A very quick video of supposedly a bigfoot sighting in January 2016.

This video is a compilation of photos of different Bigfoot sightings around the world and some of the evidences that Bigfoot really exists!

Students are shooting a video for their Marketing class when suddenly a Bigfoot-like creature appeared in the background.

Two men have seen a suspected Sasquatch in the woods and were able to capture a photo/video of it.

A raw video supposedly taken by frightened campers shows a scary creature that is suspected to be Bigfoot. Watch now and we let you decide.

A group of people is investigating what they’ve seen in the snowy mountain. Could it be Bigfoot?

Reviewing a photo (or possibly a video screenshot) of a Bigfoot seen in Oklahoma.