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The footage was captured by a vacationer north of Blueridge, GA. The man behind the camera retreated when the creature made a deep sound, believing that was a warning for him to back off.

According to a group of researchers, Bigfoot is real! All of them have experienced an encounter with the mysterious creature. They also claim that they have DNA evidence of bigfoot.

Man got the chance to take a quick recording of a massive creature in spite of his fear before running away. Do you think he has filmed a real Bigfoot?

The date was  October 14, 1994 when a  group of government workers had filmed a mysterious creature believed to be Sasquatch.

Short clip of a bigfoot sighting taken by a family who was camping at Shady Lake, a secluded campground at Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas, USA.

In the photo, a massive creature believed to be Bigfoot seems to be doing something on the ground.

Maria Neider of KY3 News in Missouri had a possible bigfoot encounter with her family while camping in the Ozarks.

A team of Japanese adventurers has discovered footprints of a possible Yeti in Himalayan regions.

This footage caught by Doug Johnson in 2011 shows of what some believe to be an adult sasquatch with a baby.

A group of friends is out for hunting when they spotted a creature they believe to be Bigfoot. According to the locals, there have been many Sasquatch sightings in the Christmas Valley area over the last few months.

A supposedly deer hunting event but unexpectedly had a bigfoot sighting instead.

Kid hears something in the woods, was able to grab his camera and films bigfoot walking thru the woods.

Did these guys filmed a real Sasquatch? Or was that just another friend and they’re just creating a hoax? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box.

A man was able to photograph a creature which is likely to be sasquatch, watching over from a hill.

The video was originally taken by Danny Sweeten while viewing some property near the Sam Houston forest in Texas, USA.